Is There More Poverty in India or Pakistan?

Is There More Poverty in India or Pakistan

There is an alarmingly high concentration of poverty in South Asia. The continent accounts for a staggering 43% of the global poor, with millions of people living on less than $6.85 (around £5.52) a day. As for Pakistan’s neighbour, India, poverty is also rife there, as over 125 million people suffer deprivation in housing, sanitation, […]

Who Is Helping Pakistan Flood Survivors?

Who is Helping Pakistan Flood Survivors

It has been seven months since the outbreak of a deadly flood in Pakistan. In June 2022, extreme rainfall fell during the country’s monsoon season, which was nearly 3 times higher than the country’s 30-year average. This triggered flash flooding across the nation, which enveloped the land in dangerously high levels of water. What followed […]

Does Turkey Support Pakistan?

Does Turkey Support Pakistan

Diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Turkey have existed for decades. Both countries are located in Asia, with Muslim-majority populations, and have experienced military rule. In this article, we will discuss the question ‘does Turkey support Pakistan?’, so you can gain a better understanding of the relationship between the two countries. Does Turkey support Pakistan? Historically, […]

Does Pakistan receive aid from UK?

Does Turkey Support Pakistan

After the shocking floods that devastated Pakistan in 2022, the country is currently rebuilding flood-hit areas and mobilizing a resilient recovery programme. The aim is to help people recover from the natural disaster and revive the economy, which has suffered damages as high as $40 billion. Many countries across the world have also pledged financial […]

How Much of Pakistan Is Under Water?

How Much of Pakistan Is Under Water?

The 2022 floods in Pakistan have unfortunately created a huge humanitarian disaster in the country. Around 33 million Pakistanis (one in every seven) have been impacted by the flooding, which has sadly killed over 1,700 people. Tens of thousands have been rendered homeless, as their homes, buildings, farmland, roads and bridges have been destroyed. The […]

Why Does Pakistan Suffer More in Disaster?

Why Does Pakistan Suffer More in Disaster

Pakistan has a history of floods, earthquakes, landslides, heat waves, drought and extreme cold. That is because the South Asian country is prone to natural hazards, which affect millions of its inhabitants each year. In 2022, Pakistan experienced one of the deadliest floods in living memory, which caused widespread destruction across the nation. The ravaging […]

What Caused Pakistan Floods?

What Caused Pakistan Floods

In August 2022, the Pakistani Government declared a state of national emergency. What prompted this was the deadly floodwaters that had begun ravaging the nation since June. At that point, nearly 1,000 people had died, bridges and highways had collapsed, villages and buildings had washed away, and recue efforts were in full swing. In just […]

How Did Pakistan Floods Happen in 2022?

How Did Pakistan Floods Happen

The monsoon season of 2022 saw unprecedented levels of rainfall across Pakistan, particularly in the provinces of Sindh and Balochistan. This caused flash flooding across the country, which was one of the deadliest natural disasters that Pakistan has ever seen. Sadly, over 1,700 people lost their lives in the floods, including more than 520 children. […]

Which Parts of Pakistan Are Flooded?

Which Parts of Pakistan Are Flooded?

The year 2022 saw devastating floods wreak havoc across Pakistan, making it one of the deadliest natural disasters in the South Asian country’s history. Torrential rainfall fell during the annual monsoon season, which resulted in flash flooding across the nation. This caused the River Indus, which runs the length of Pakistan, to swell and burst […]

How Can We Stop Floods in Pakistan?

How Can We Stop Floods in Pakistan?

In 2022, Pakistan’s monsoon season saw unprecedented levels of rainfall, which caused one of the most disastrous floods in living memory. The human cost of the natural disaster has been horrifying, with over 1,700 people and more than 520 children killed. Thousands of people have been injured, rendered homeless, and pushed to extreme poverty. Pakistan […]

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