Pakistan Flood

The unprecedented monsoon rains which started in Pakistan in June 2022 are continuing to cause widespread suffering. The Pakistan floods have killed over 1,000 people across the country since June, while thousands have been displaced and millions more affected.

Due to the severity of the flooding, aid has taken a while to reach the victims of the flood and people are struggling to survive. In particular, the elderly have been unable to react as quickly as others.

It is our responsibility to care for our elders and we must not neglect those in need.

The beloved Messenger of Allah ﷺ stated:

“The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection  will be his Sadaqah “

Urgent Help Is Needed

Please help the victims of the flood. Pakistan needs us now more than ever. Zohra Foundation is providing cooked meals, clean water, kitchen utensils, tents, and hygiene kits to address the immediate needs of the victims.

We are also providing health care and medicines to the growing number of people affected by waterborne diseases as the flood waters recede. With the winter months fast approaching, we have also started rebuilding the homes that so many have lost.

Help us restore the lives that millions have lost and rebuild Pakistan today.

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